About Us!



We start by talking with you to see what you are experiencing and what are the possible causes and solutions to what is happening. We believe in the paranormal, however we also look for logical reasons to anything going on in your home. 

We offer this service to anyone in the US. If you are local to our group, we will help you directly with an investigation and clearing/cleansing, if needed. If you are not local, we will try and find a team close to you to provide direct help. We have worked with a number of teams across the US and have some listed on our Paranormal Groups page.


Paranormal Investigations

We are a professional and discreet team, offering confidential investigations. We have state-of-the-art equipment and experience. Through an investigation, we hope to give you some answers to your concerns, as well as helpful strategies and resources. During an investigation we attempt to find paranormal activity, but we also do something called "debunking" where we check to make sure there are no natural causes for anything you are experiencing. There are no guarantees we will be able to capture any evidence.


House Clearing/Cleansing

If we believe there might be paranormal activity in your house, we offer a house clearing/cleansing. These are not fool-proof and may need to be done more than one time. We also do this for negative energy built up in a home.

We have a variety of spiritual beliefs in our group and come at the issue from multiple directions, from Christian to Buddhist. Several of our members are sensitive to spirit and energy and can help determine what might be happening in your home.

We use a variety of tools along with prayer, meditation and ritual. We use crystals, Reiki, black salt, asefoetida, sage, cedar, sandalwood, and palo santo.

We offer all of our services free-of-charge to families and individuals in their private homes. We also offer clearing/cleansing to businesses and realtors for a fee. Contact us for more information. Go to our Help page for more information on how to get in touch with us.