California Chapter Members


 Paranormal researcher, investigator, ordained minister, Occult specialist, seeker 

Kenneth was born in NYC and raised in New Jersey. Kenneth‘s  was influenced by his grandmother who was a high priestess in Santeria from Puerto Rico. At a young age Kenneth Experienced different many paranormal and supernatural activity, seeing ghost and apparitions, this led him to want to learn more after experiencing a life changing event.
Kenneth grew up in a Christian. Pentecostal church we’re at a very young age He was trained by his pastor and became an assistant in the spiritual liberation group. He is also an ordained minister. As he got older he still persisted in the occult. when he joined the Marine Corps he saw many different things. This led him into learning more of the occult and learning about different religious beliefs, spiritual entities, specifically learning about Wicca and paganism.He is a seeker of the unknown. 


Paranormal Researcher, Investigator

Keith currently resides in Northern California with his family. He served in the United States Marine Corps from 2003-2007 with two tours in Iraq. He loves anything that has to do with the paranormal and am actively looking to learn as much as he can, especially from an investigative standpoint.He has personally witnessed close friends pass and believe there is more than just death after we pass. His  goal is to not only make contact with loved ones hes lost, but to also come in contact with any spirits that have passed so that we can better understand what happens when we pass on from our physical bodies and from this earth.


 Paranormal Researcher, Investigator

From the age of 13 and on, he has had multiple paranormal experiences that still cannot be explained. There are events that are personal experiences, also there are multiple events that happened to other family members that challenge reality and brings to light the unexplained. I’ve seen black skinny figures maybe 3 feet tall and round heads. Having paranormal events happen to me personally, makes me believe more in what we can’t see, that there is a part of our living world that interacts with those past on, those who can’t pass on and the demons or angry spirits that fight back. Paranormal research to me is about the study and understanding of the paranormal world and trying to bridge the missing parts between our two worlds. With the incursion of the Europeans taking over the native Americans lands, many places have been defiled and disturbed releasing spirits and energies that confront and conflict with people today.A 22 year military special operations veteran years as a fire fighter in northern California.