Katherine Sorilou


Psychic, Oracle, Tarot

30 Minute Tarot /Oracle reading for 30 pounds  

60 Minute Tarot / Oracle reading for 60 pounds  

30 Minute Reiki Healing for 30 pounds

60 Minute Reiki Healing for 60 pounds

Chakra cleansing / alignment 30 pounds

Aura cleansing / balancing 30 pounds

Colour therapy 40 pounds

Crystal therapy  40 pounds

120 Minute Session - Past life regression 120 pounds

Clinical hypnotherapy - Prices vary

House cleansing, Spiritual attachment removals - Prices Vary

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Jewelry Page

She makes different Jewelry, elixirs with oils,sprays,  herbs and incense and crystals for different issues both physical metaphysical and spiritual for burning spraying etc for protection, cleansing, blessing, meditation, grounding, Archangels oils and sprays, cutting cords attachments...




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