Kansas City chapter members


Paranormal Researcher, Intake Coordinator

Melissa has been interested in the paranormal since a very young age and has been investigating it for about 16 years. She has traveled to many places in the United States to investigate such as Missouri state Penitentiary and Lemp Mansion in Missouri, Myrtles Plantation and Lloyd hall plantation in Louisiana,  Duff Green mansion in Mississippi and The Battery Carriage house in South Carolina just to name a few. She is currently working on her own development and expanding into working with crystals. 


Paranormal Researcher, Historian

With many years in the paranormal field Jamie is drawn to the researching and History of the paranormal which assist the team in their investigations. Has traveled around to different haunted locations to investigate and research the background of the places.


Paranormal Researcher

Has been dealing with the paranormal for over 14 years was drawn to this field after a visit from a loved one at an early age and is a pivotal asset to the team. Has travel around the US to do Paranormal Investigations at some of the most haunted locations.


Paranormal Researcher

Has been in the field for some years now and has traveled to locations which are listed as most haunted to both investigate and give a skeptical view on them. Works with those who have had their own experiences and guides them navigate through it.


Psychic Medium, Physical Energy Healer, Oracle Card Advisor, Paranormal Researcher

Has been working with the paranormal most of her life using her abilities in helping those in need from investigations to healing and helping find answers to try to put closure to the activity whether using her psychic ability or the cards to guide her in her quest.


Paranormal Researcher

Growing up in a home with paranormal activity, Maddie has had experiences with paranormal entities which has driven her to continue her research into the paranormal world. After living 10+ years with paranormal activity, she offers great guidance through an investigation and understanding. Maddie is actively studying paranormal courses to keep up to date on the latest investigation equipment, techniques, and understandings of the paranormal world.