Erik Knapp, Paranormal Investigator

Join us on September Thursday, September 27th starting at 7:00 pm Central when we talk with Erik Knapp. Erik is a 20 year Paranormal investigator from NH.  After a life changing paranormal experience Erik founded NH Project Paranormal in 2002 which he still runs to this day.  In 2016 Erik decided to take his fans with him on his paranormal journey and created the hit series Hunting The Haunted which has been featured on several different networks and is now entering its 3rd season.

Josh Heard

Join us on Thursday, October 11th starting at 7:00 pm Central when we talk with Josh Heard. Josh is a paranormal author, lecturer, filmmaker, and investigator. Josh has loved all things paranormal since his first encounters when he was just entering adolescence.  Josh has written six books and done six documentary films over the past few years. Josh is also one of the owners of Malvern Manor In Malvern, IA where he gives tours and does special events.  Malvern Manor was featured on the second season of TLC's Paranormal Lockdown.
 Josh currently lives in Iowa with his wife and two daughters.

Past Shows



The best paranormal group in Riverside, Iowa!

This show was off the charts! We talked to ourselves, with ourselves, each other, callers, and chat room folks! That's right, it was an RIP free-for-all! We talked about anything and everything. It got naughty. Oh, it really got naughty! Maybe even downright nasty! 

Click here to listen to the show!

Spritual Encounters Society, With Brittney Isley, Founder (right) and Amanda Maxwell (left).

Brittney and Amanda are joining us August 23rd, to talk about their all women paranormal group in Indiana.
They will be telling us about their work, their cause, and the experiences they've had in both the private and public sector of paranormal investigations. 

Click here to listen to their show!

Ashley Brennan, Demonologist

Meeting and working with some of the best and most highly recommended investigators in the field, Ashley has obtained the quality training needed for the paranormal field.  For ten years now, Ashley has continued to pursue this natural passion of hers by creating Keystone Paranormal Investigation Association to help and educate others on the paranormal.  For five of those years, Ashley has specialized in negative hauntings and now provides services to the Catholic church.  She has dedicated her life to studying works of parapsychology, the occult, demonology, church works, and scientific reasoning of paranormal activity to conduct the best scientific paranormal investigations offered to the public to help those that are suffering from different forms of activity.

Listen to her show here!

Shawn Rings, Paranormal Investigator

Shawn Rings will joined us on Thursday, July 26th. He is a simple father of four with a deep passion for God, truth, and the earth bound mysteries yet to be explained by science. As a kid he was a Tom Sawyer-type explorer, a bit extra bold wanting to always know the answers of why and how to everything. This developed into a passion for knowledge of the Bible, which led to a journey of the past twelve years. Sean seeks to answer or unlock the supernatural reasons behind the actions of spiritual, angelic, and demonic forces. He hopes to someday expose and define their affects on humanity. He believes in a very scientific investigative approach, using basics like EVP and still picture capture/molding mixed with KJV biblical protective measures to protect, cleanse, and expose spiritual agents or lost souls that wander the earth.

Click here to listen to the show!

Sally Ostedgaard, Modern Shaman, Energy Healer, Light Worker

Sally Ostedgaard joined us to talk about practicing and teaching healing arts to support and empower people  on their spiritual paths.  She did a tarot reading and talked about the tarot. she also talked about modern shamanism and Reiki healing. Sally provides assistance through holistic services, such  as energy and belief work, shamanic journeys, tarot card readings, and  spiritual guidance.  You can find out more about Sally on her Facebook site, Serpent and Spider

Click here to listen to the show!

Russ Kellett, UFO Hunter

Russ was on the show to talk about UFO's and his experiences being abducted and working as a UFO Hunter. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, we were unable to save a file of the show. We will have Russ on again!

Pam Crisci, Ghost Hunts USA

Our first guest, was Pam Crisci, a psychic/medium who works for Ghost Hunts USA. Pam has had abilities her entire life. You learn more about Pam on Ghost Hunts USA's TV show Most Haunted Asylum for Destination America. Click here to listen to the show! Whispers from the Past, May 24th.