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McInteer Villa

RIP will be at the Haunted McInteer Villa in Atchison, Kansas. It has a very secretive  history! Located in one of the most haunted towns you  could ever visit,  a former occupant is rumored  to have been a FBI officer and she is the one that many have "nicknamed"  the Witch, other reports have her as a retired professional violinist.

Her name was Isabel Altus and would always be seen dressed in black. It is rumored that her spirit still resides here. Her original  rocking chair still sits at the very spot in which she was found dead, with the pistol sitting on the table next to her.

Farrar School

RIP will be representing Ghost Hunts USA at the haunted Farrar School. Known as the most haunted schoolhouse in Iowa, it is a terrifying and fascinating location that has attracted  the attention of paranormal gurus from around the world.  As featured on  Bio’s My Ghost Story and Destination America’s Ghoststalkers, the spirits that linger in these hallowed hallways are ready to school you in the world of paranormal!  Click the link below to reserve your spot today!

Edinburgh Manor

RIP is working with Ghost Hunts USA at one of the most haunted locations in Iowa. Check it out here at Edinburgh Manor. If you're interested in joining us, click on the specific links under the dates and book a reservation!

Missouri State Penitentiary

RIP joins Ghost Hunts USA at the historic and frightening Missouri State Penitentiary. It's considered the bloodiest 47 acres in America.

Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17

Beatie Mansion

RIP is working with Ghost Hunts USA at the Beatie Mansion in St. Joseph ,Missouri, also known as The House on the Hill. We've had two hunts there so far and there is an incredible amount of activity! A must if you want a great experience!

The former haunted home also served as a home for the elderly and for the mentally ill!


Who's spirit still  walks these haunted corridors? Will you visit the lady on the 2nd  floor who takes an instant dislike to men?  

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In addition to private homes, we have investigated some "legendary" sites in an attempt to better understand the lore and history related to the field of paranormal investigation. Here are  some of our findings.

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