Midwest Military Outreach

We connect Service Members, Veterans and their families to the resources they need. We provide support in the critical life areas of; family, employment, education, financial education and health. Our mission is to empower and retain the talent of our Service Members, Veterans and their families as they transition to productive civilian life.

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Plunder - Stephanie Rhoades

Vintage Jewelry.

Huff Paranormal

Cutting edge real spirit communication research. Recorded voices of the dead - in REAL TIME!

Ghost Hunts USA

Ghost Hunts USA are structured ghost hunting events in the most haunted locations across America.

Most of our events have a psychic  medium in attendance and we have fully trained staff to ensure you get to explore in the most active areas of each location.

Your time spent is structured, from  participating in Psychic Medium led séances, lone vigils, wait and watch  experiments, and trigger object experiments.

You also have free time to roam freely in your chosen location to undertake your own private vigils.

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