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Lead Investigator

Michelle is a physical medium who sees spirits in the state that they passed. She works with churches of all denominations to assist  individuals and families experiencing paranormal activity. In addition  to private home investigations, she works with larger groups at public  events educating them on paranormal investigation, which has allowed her  to travel to many locations, such as the Sallie House in Atchison,  Kansas, Missouri State Penitentiary, Edinburgh Manor, Scottsgrove, Iowa,  Farrar School, Colfax, Iowa, Beattie Manson, St. Joseph, Missouri,  Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, Louisiana, and Gettysburg,  Pennsylvania to name a few.

 As an ordained  minister, Michelle will begin studying at The Worldwide Bible College and Theological Seminary in Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry to become a  demonologist. Michelle also works with a wide variety of herbs and oils  for spiritual cleansing and protection.


Lead Investigator

Kelly had experiences as a child which drew her to the paranormal. She has been on a number of investigations and had many personal experiences. Kelly has empathic abilities and can sense things about the locations we visit, as well as a potential presense.


Lead Investigator

My name is Brittney Isley and I am 31 years old and a Mom to 2 wonderful boys. My passion for the Paranormal started when I was 4 years old when I had my first encounter with an elemental. At that age I had no idea what I was dealing with. I just knew I had to learn more; even at that young age.  Fast forward to 17 years of age and I started investigating all the time. I didn’t care what others thought of me or how I was “weird” and stood out amongst everyone.  At 18 I joined the Army and served 5 years active duty with a deployment to Iraq. Being over there really opens your mind and eyes up to new possibilities and beings in the field. While serving, I still did investigations with groups or I went off on my own to get answers.  After the Army I joined the Police Dept. in Iowa City, IA and did that for a while until I realized my passion was stronger for the paranormal field. I knew I had to get answers and not only for the supernatural but for myself; as I was seeing/feeling/hearing the dead on a normal basis.  I dove in head first and have hit my 14 year mark in the field. Doing investigations with other groups, my own group I brought together and helping on residential cases. The drive will never leave me and I know I’m where I belong. 


Lead Investigator

Amy has been interested in the paranormal since an early age with some unsettling experiences as a child. She is attuned to the spiritual aspect and works to communicate as an empath and with psychic abilities. She is also interested in solutions and clearing unwanted activity. She uses spiritual, earth, and Reiki energies to help clear negative activity and entities. 


Technical Expert, Lead Investigator

Bill has been doing paranormal investigation work for 10+ years. Although he still enjoys the investigative side, he now mostly works on the technical side setting up equipment, cameras, etc and has even built some of the equipment the team uses


Historical Researcher

Todd has honed his skills as an artifact and relic recovery specialist and utilizes them to determine if there is any historical significance related to the physical or surrounding properties that the team investigates. Being one of the more skeptical individuals on the team, he is always analyzing the data to determine if there is an actual “logical” reason to any paranormal findings.




Jake became interested in the paranormal at a young age because of his older brother. When he considered the possibility of spirits, Jake began to have experiences almost everywhere he went. Jake can sense spirits, and will often see them as shadow figures. Jake can also receive messages from the spirits he comes across.



Drew had a few experiences at a young age and has always been curious about the paranormal. It wasn't until later in life that new experiences pulled him into paranormal research. He is able to sense some presences and is good with technical support.


Social Media/Website Mgmt, Investigator

Dom has had experiences ever since he  was a young child, always been intrigued by the paranormal, he can sense  a lot of spirits and sees them as shadow figures and sometimes full  bodied apparitions, He is also very keen on Tech, Social Media, and  Video and audio equipment. 



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 Intake Coordinator.

Kansas City Team Member 

Melissa has been interested in the paranormal since a very young age and has been investigating it for about 16 years. She has traveled to many places in the United States to investigate such as Missouri state Penitentiary and Lemp Mansion in Missouri, Myrtles Plantation and Lloyd hall plantation in Louisiana,  Duff Green mansion in Mississippi and The Battery Carriage house in South Carolina just to name a few. She is currently working on her own development and expanding into working with crystals. 

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Kansas City Team Member


Kansas City Team Member