Our Team


Lead Investigator

Michelle has had been interested in paranormal activity for many years because of personal experiences she has had. She is always curious about what is going on and how to find the answers to what is happening. She is a problem solver. Michelle is an empath and strong reactions to the emotions of a location.


Lead Investigator

Kelly had experiences as a child which drew her to the paranormal. She has been on a number of investigations and had many personal experiences. Kelly has empathic abilities and can sense things about the locations we visit, as well as a potential presense.


Lead Investigator

Amy has been interested in the paranormal since an early age with some unsettling experiences as a child. She is attuned to the spiritual aspect and works to communicate as an empath and with psychic abilities. She is also interested in solutions and clearing unwanted activity. 


Historical Researcher

Todd has honed his skills as an artifact and relic recovery specialist and utilizes them to determine if there is any historical significance related to the physical or surrounding properties that the team investigates. Being one of the more skeptical individuals on the team, he is always analyzing the data to determine if there is an actual “logical” reason to any paranormal findings.


Technical Expert