Iowa Chapter members


Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, Psychometry, Para-Counselor, Ordained Minister

Has continued studies for the Paranormal field and is a credited with Doctor of Metaphysics Degree and Divinity, Spiritual Warfare and Paranormal Ministry, Demonology from the Worldwide Society of Exorcists and Universal Church Ministry 


Sensitive, Healer, Lead Investigator, Reiki Master 

Been in the field over 12 years and has been to some of the most Haunted Locations. Uses her abilities to rid unwanted energies form spaces and people 


Paranormal Researcher,  Author (Ghost and Legends of the Stage Coach Inn) 

Has over 30 years of experience in the field doing things both old school and new. Spent seven years investigating the Stage Coach Inn which had experience that were unexplained and explained. Part of the Eastern band Cherokee.


Historical Researcher

Todd has honed his skills as an artifact and relic recovery specialist and utilizes them to determine if there is any historical significance related to the physical or surrounding properties that the team investigates. Being one of the more skeptical individuals on the team, he is always analyzing the data to determine if there is an actual “logical” reason to any paranormal findings.


Technical Expert, Paranormal Researcher, Ordained Minister 

Bill has been doing paranormal investigation work for 10+ years. Although he still enjoys the investigative side, he now mostly works on the technical side setting up equipment, cameras, etc and has even built some of the equipment the team uses


Paranormal Researcher,  Psychic, Tarot Reader, Medium

Senses spirits and communicates with them through his abilities or with the tarots. has had abilities since a young child and has continued to use them to help with investigations. 


Paranormal Researcher, Tech Support 

Has experiences in life which got him into the Paranormal field and explore all that is unexplainable. 


Paranormal Researcher 

She is attuned to the spiritual aspect and works to communicate as an empath and with psychic abilities. She is also interested in solutions and clearing unwanted activity. She uses spiritual, earth, and Reiki energies to help clear negative activity and entities.  


Paranormal Researcher, Psychic Medium

He senses spirits and communicates to spirits through his abilities, he has known about his abilities since a young age and continues to evolve them. 


Paranormal Researcher

She has had experiences with her husband, Derek who is a psychic/medium which got me into the paranormal field.  Since then she has enjoyed researching and investigating multiple locations.