Personal Experiences


Sometimes we experience paranormal activity, but don't necessarily have the proof on video, audio, or photograph. However, they are still very real to us and we would like to share some with you.

  • A small group of investigators heard loud screams, got scratched and felt their clothes being tugged during an investigation at Edinburgh Manor near Marion, Iowa.

  • Investigators experienced hair being tugged, scratches, pushing and heard whispers close to their ears at Ashmore Estates.

  • Investigators had their hand held by an unseen child, one was hit hard enough to be knocked to their knees, they heard voices an laughter in the basement at the Villisca Ax Murder house.

  • Investigators heard a baby crying and young children running up and down stairs, also sounds of war, such as gunfire, marching feet, and the smell of gun powder at Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana.